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At Michigan Bat Control, Inc. we have been providing professional wildlife control solutions for customers of Clarkston, MI for 16 plus years. In Oakland County cities are not like that of exterminators. We do not use any types of poisons, fumigation's, bait blocks or any other harmful chemicals whatsoever. Our animal control programs are to simply remove any rodents, birds, and nuisance wild animals and keep them out. Our services include on site inspection, removal, control, prevention and clean up. Typical calls coming from Oakland County, MI are because a homeowner may hear scratching in the attic, bats flying in the home, birds in an exhaust vent, or attic damage. Our specialty of course is bat removal, bat control, and live attic pest exclusions. All of our repairs on the home to keep wildlife out of the attic are always backed with our five year guarantee. 

Animals Scratching in the Walls and Ceiling?

If you are hearing scratching in your ceiling or walls you may think it's a mouse, squirrel, or raccoon. Truth be told most of the time you may have a bat problem. Bats have two sets of claws which the use to scoot underneath your insulation and across your drywall. Bats prefer very warm places, therefore underneath your insulation and walls are great places for bats to roost. Bats in Michigan are dwelling bats so they roost in caves or artificial cave like places. Your attic is a perfect roosting site for bats to live in.

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